General Motivation

The International Conference on Flow in Transforming Porous Media will be open to researchers presenting their results about coupled fluid and solid flow in natural rocks, soils, granular media and porous media. The changes happening can be due to fast processes, with force exchange between fluid and solids, or slow processes, as during chemical reactions with dissolution and precipitation, during seismic cycles in faults or during diagenesis, or thermal processes, as in volcanic phenomena. The conference welcomes contributions from experimental, numerical and theoretical approaches.


Couplage entre réactions fluides/solides et déformations dans les roches
Conveners: Francois Renard, Piotr Szymczak
Invited Speakers: Andrew Putnis, Håkon Austrheim, Manolis Veveakis

Changements de porosité et propriétés de transport due à la physico-chimie des milieux poreux
Conveners: Christine Putnis, Knut-Jørgen Måløy
Invited Speaker: Oliver Plumper

Fracture - mécanique et physique de processus critiques ou subcritiques
Conveners: Joachim Mathiesen, Daniel Koehn
Invited Speakers: Alex Hansen, Stéphane Santucci, Knut Jørgen Måløy

Fluides et physique des failles
Conveners: Einat Aharanov,Luis Rivera, Guillaume Daniel
Invited Speakers: Stephen Miller, Ziyadin Cakir

Fluides dans les milieux granulaires ou les sols, morphogénèse et instabilités
Conveners: Renaud Toussaint, Jan Ludvig Vinningland
Invited Speakers: Bjørnar Sandnes

Suivi des fluides dans la croûte terrestre
Conveners: Eirik Flekkøy, Laurence Jouniaux, Pascal Sailhac
Invited speakers: Steve Pride, Damien Jougnot

Scientific committee

semi-local organizing committee:

Renaud Toussaint, Wendy Louise Smith, Dilek Karayigit, Fredrik Eriksen, Binta Mesmacque, Semih Turkaya. Contact for any questions: R. Toussaint (renaud.toussaint{}

Scientific committee: (ITN FlowTrans Board)

Einat Aharonov, Guillaume Daniel, Dag Dysthe, Eirik Flekkoy, Bjorn Jamtveit, Daniel Koehn, Knut Jorgen Maloy, Joachim Mathiesen, Andrew Putnis, Christine Putnis, François Renard, Piotr Szymczak, Renaud Toussaint


ITN FlowTrans,


EOST / Université de Strasbourg

Instructions for submission

Please submit your abstract contributions for orals/posters in english, following the following template, and follow the instructions on the submission page.

Extended Deadline for abstract submission: Oct 16th, 2015   (initial deadline was Oct 5th).

Registration instructions on the registration page. Deadline: Nov 10th. Participation to costs / Inscription fees: EOST (IPGS/LHYGES), FlowTrans, Unistra students or CNRS members: 0 euros (sponsored) / external students: 100 Euros / other cases: 200 euros


November 16-18, 2015


University of Strasbourg, Central Campus, Strasbourg

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