Session Themes > Session 1 - Coupled fluid/solid reactions and rock deformations

Coupled fluid/solid reactions and deformations in rocks

Conveners: F. Renard, University of Grenoble, and P. Szymczak, University of Warsaw

Keynote speakers:

Andrew Putnis, University of Münster / Curtin University,

Håkon Austrheim, University of Oslo

 Manolis Veveakis, School of Petroleum Engineering, UNSW Australia

Understanding the coupling between fluid and solid in the porous rock is crucial for predicting long-term evolution of geological systems and how the internal elastic energy is dissipated through strain. The fluid-solid interactions depend on the flow pathways that are available or that the fluids can make for themselves through chemical and mechanical responses of the rocks. Local processes, including grain growth, nucleation/adsorption at grain surfaces, and aqueous reactions can initiate large-scale fracturing, disruption of rock textures and fabrics, or the appearance of the shear zones. We seek contributions that explore these issues through any combination of laboratory experiments, field observations, numerical and theoretical approaches. 

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