Session Themes > Session 6 - Monitoring Fluids in the Earth Crust

Conveners: E.G. Flekkoy, ORG / University of Oslo, L. Jouniaux, P. Sailhac, CNRS/ University of Strasbourg

Keynote Speaker:

Steve Pride, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Damien Jougnot, University of Paris 6

This session focuses on different methods developed for mapping and monitoring complex environments, both in term of flow or fluid-content properties.

We are particularly interested in studies on monophasic and multiphasic conditions (water, air, ice, hydrocarbon, CO2, pollutant), through experimental approach, field observations, modelling and coupled inversions. New developments in methods such as optic, electric and electromagnetic methods as ERT, AMT, MT, Georadar, surface NMR, and seismoelectic method, are expected. Studies from small scale to large scale are welcome, to bring an increased knowledge of the physical processes.  Petrophysical relationships linking geophysical properties such as permeability and electrical conductivity, and the fluid-content or fluid flow are expected, leading to a better interpretation of the field observations.

These topics are encountered in hydrogeophysics, water resources, crust deformation, pollutant remediation, and biogeochemical studies. Such studies are needed for current issues regarding environment, risks, and energy.

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